Music is My Muse

29 01 2011

Remember when I did these posts? Music is My Muse? Yeah, me neither. It’s been a while. But here we go again…

Today, I woke up, and seeing as how I never leave home except to go to work lately, I decided I wanted – no NEEDED – to do something this evening. Cue Chachi and Gwenix having the perfect combo of suggestion and offering.

Gwen was offering a ticket to see Jonathan Coulton at the Rex. Chachi said he was going and that I should try to get the ticket. He said I’d like it… I did as I was told, got said ticket, and met Gwenix, her hubby Shadow and their friends for dinner at Piper’s Pub….

Dinner was awesome, (thank you Dave America and Piper’s!!!!) and I saw some of my regulars from My Living Room who work at Piper’s, but often hang out at my place of semi-employment.

When we got to the show, I chose to sit with Chachi, Sorgatron and TheSilentNinja. Gwen chose to sit at the bar. Shadow was up front. No complaints, all around.

The only complaint I have? Is that when I showed up, the announced the no-chair policy, and we had to put the chairs the nice men had saved for us away… They pulled chairs off of the hangers, set them out for us, in a great spot (off to the right side of the stage, by the wall) but then they announced it was a “floor” show. Chairs had to go back. Booo!!!!!!

However, I was determined to see at least most/part of the show from these musicians. I love me some music. And Twitter people have never let me down on live music (see @UncleCrappy and my post on the Carolina Chocolate Drops.) LOVE!

And this performance, Paul and Storm AND Jonathan Coulton, did NOT disappoint.

For your review… Paul and Storm

And then, Jonathan Coulton… (can’t find a good video on you tube to share… sorry)

Gotta be honest… At first, I felt like I was looking at a lighter-haired version of a friend of mine. I got over it pretty quick, and I dig it…. I WILL see Jonathan Coulton (and Paul and Storm) when they are in Pgh again….

The show he played this eve, he said we had to deal with 2 and 2…. Two old known songs, and then two new songs. I LOVED ALL OF THEM. Granted, I was not a fan earlier, and apparently he was acoustic earlier in his reign, but ZOMG, tonight’s show? AMAZING. I loved it. I will see this man play live again. And, from me, that is saying a LOT.

I am a music nerd, and a live music FREAK. There are musicians I prefer live, and then those I prefer otherwise… No rules… But just my preference…

Really, I’m done if it doesn’t grab me… And I’ll be honest, tonight’s show? Both bands? THEY GRABBED ME!!!!!!

Thank you, Gwen, Shadow, Chachi, Sorg, and TheSilentNinja.

I had a WONDERFUL night seeing musicians I never even imagined.

I love you for it.


(I’m already downloading both on iTunes…)

See also #luckytohaveamazingfriends

Pretty sure I win today for that.

Thanks, friends. 🙂


10 12 2009

Last night wasn’t too bad. I had enough warm blankets and fleece clothing to keep me warm. And I went to bed with my netbook and watched a bunch of Christmas TV specials on Hulu. I love that my netbook has a kagillion hours of battery life. Really. It worked all day yesterday, last night and this morning without being charged and without dying on me. It still had around 2 hours of battery life on it when I shut it down around 10am!

Since there was no power around 10am, I took a little (ok, huge) nap and woke around 2pm. And I have power again. I woke up and tried to charge my phone, it worked! Hooray!

I slept quite well last night, actually. My apartment is usually overwhelmingly warm in the winter. But last night when I was getting ready for bed? It was a little bit chilly… I swear this building holds heat like crazy, thus why I’m sweating my butt off in the summer.

I need to do some serious Christmas shopping/brainstorming for the rest of my family and others in the next few days. I don’t think my mom will accept a felt doll or fabric alphabet as a gift. Actually, I take that back. She’d probably love it since she loves what I made for Little C. But for me, that’s just not acceptable.

Thankfully, I discovered a gift for the hardest person to buy this evening. Whew.

Now for the rest of them….


10 12 2009

Earlier today, around 4:30 or so my power went out. My building and one or two buildings on either side of mine, plus 4 or so across the back alley way.

It’s now 11:55pm. And I still don’t have power. Or heat. This? Sucks.

Around 5:30 or so, instead of re-heating leftovers for dinner, I went to Panera. Then I went and bought a few candles. Both of which pretty much suck.  I should have also bought a flashlight, because I can’t seem to remember where I’ve put mine. It’s here somewhere, but it’s kind of hard to find in the dark.

So then I sat around, in the dark, with minimal candle light, for around 2 hours. And then I gave up and went to the movies. By myself. I just couldn’t stand sitting alone in my apartment any longer.

I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. It wasn’t really all that fantastic. But did you know that movies at Lowe’s in the Waterfront are only $5? I had no idea.

So now it’s past midnight, and I guess I’m going to go to bed. I could do without that wind outside though. Seriously. It’s getting old.

It’s acceptable, I guess…

23 07 2009

Welcome to my comedy of errors dress story…

A week or two ago, I decided to make a new dress. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, and I wanted something new… I bough the fabric, cut out the pattern pieces and started sewing. Part way through the top, I decided I hated it.

So I bought a new pattern. A Cynthia Rowley pattern. Which considering the other dress I made recently, I figured it would be simple… I thought I could use the pieces for the other dress and leftover fabric for the pattern pieces. I was wrong. I had to buy more fabric. Twice.


it's the red one, btw

The dress has a nice little contrast fabric band around the middle… Which means you eventually have to sew through around 8 layers of fabric. Not fun. And then, once I had the top attached to that band? I realized I somehow attached the front of the top to the wrong side of the back… meaning the wrong side of the dress faced out. Crap.

I had already done 75% of the work, so I figured I’d make do. I finished the skirt, attached it, added the zipper and then I discovered this… (excuse the color variations in the pics. My camera and I had a fight.)


The left side of the back of the dress is 1/4" - 1/2" longer than the right side...

How the hell did I not notice this?

the middle band matches up... how does the top not match up!?!?!?!

The middle band matches up… how does the top not match up!?!?!?! Crap. So I had to rip out part of the zipper, rip out the entire top seam, and part of the arm strap seam, fix the error and reattach all the pieces…



Ok. So we’re good right? Yeah, not so much. The dress fit. Sort of. Needed taken in. Rather than mess with the side seams, I decided to take the dress in through the back seam. Which meant removing the whole zipper… No big deal!

And this happened:zipper rip

zipper rip2

Great… Now I need a new zipper. I sent a tweet about that and then set off for Joann’s. I got about 4 blocks away and said, “Screw that! I’ll fix it with some extra fabric!” And guess what? I did. (Minor victory 1 in this tragic comedy.)

So the dress is done. Bottom hem sewn. I try it on and I see this in the mirror:


Yeah, way too much cleavage for me to be comfortable… Crap. It actually looked worse than it does in the picture. Something was wrong with the whole top, it was way too loose… Can I fix this? Well, I’ve been through everything else with this dress….

new dress

…so heck yeah I can. I few little stitches and here we are. I’m not entirely happy with it, but it’ll do…

I think I’ll take a vacation from dresses for a while and go back to baby things that are easy to sew and can be squared off and finished up quite easily. And don’t involve zippers. Or many, many layers or fabric.

Happy Meal Toys

29 05 2009

I’m a ridiculous fan of Happy Meal Toys. I used to take them to the bar, I have some on my desk at work and I have a box full of them underneath my desk at work. All of which I obtained well over 3 months ago and before. I haven’t been to McDonald’s in  a LONG time.

Tonight at sevens practice, right when it started to rain, I left practice to drop off a Little C and Me product on the North Side for Dennis. After spending way, way too much time at lights in Bellevue (I love Bellevue, but seriously, this one light – at a strange 3-way plus California Ave intersection – cycled three times & my light didn’t turn green. Annoying.) I managed to not pay attention and ended up over in the Perrysville area of North Hills.

I was starving by the time I ended up there and decided on a McD’s Happy Meal… The toy theme? The new “Nights at the Museum – Battle of the Smithsonian” movie. When I got home, I opened up the little toy. And I immediately thought of Creation Rex. (Now, Rex, I’m just posting this to be informative. Don’t come after the messenger, and all that..)

If you’d like, I can save the Happy Meal toy so you can gnaw on it yourself. Or I can take a hammer to it, your choice, of course.


It comes with a “trading card…”


I’m sure Rex is not very happy about this, and like I said, he can have it or I can smash it with a hammer on his behalf.

But wait, it gets more ridiculous. The “Rexy” toy? Yeah, it, um, walks…

Well, let’s be honest, this version of “Rexy” doesn’t quite walk as stumble. Or something. I don’t know.

And yes, you are seeing that right. When “Rexy” walks, he has his trading card stuck back near his hip joint. Yes. There’s a little wind-up piece on there. You turn it and nothing happens. Yet, when you insert the trading card in the indicated slot, he walks. I kid you not – proof is at (you have to click on “Next” and cycle through two or three other toys until you reach “Rexy.” Then, click on “Demo.”)

So, Rex, let me know what you want me to do with this thing, ok?