The day after…

20 12 2008

Ahhhh… so last night was Shiver. And it was freaking awesome. I love those guys. And, in exciting news, the lead singer’s wife is pregnant! I’m so excited for them.

Yes, a bunch of people from my high school showed up and freaked me out. Yes, some old rugby folks showed up. Yes, I made Chachi and Anthony move up further in the bar after American Armada played. Yes, I was standing right up front with my friend Josh for most of the show. Yes, I did jump around a bit. Yes, I know all the words to 90% of their songs. Yes, I was almost involved in the mosh pit. Is anyone surprised at any of this?

Oh, and yes!!!!, I FINALLY got my Shiver tshirt. I actually got two of them, cause I’m so awesome, but I’m giving one to Chachi because he was the award winning DD of the night.

Seriously, Shiver sounded great. Even writing about the night, I’m totally thrilled. I can’t wait to get in my car to rock out to their CD. Which you should all buy, by the way. Personally, I find it absolutely perfect to get pumped up for a rugby game. Just sayin’.

Shiver CD

We actually left My Living Room and Chachi drove the Midgie over to the South Hills to Slapshots. Turns out one of my former regulars is the bartender there. Who knew??? We went there to see Mindbling, V_Rock and a few others. It was a drunken spectacle. Truly.

And in yet another stunning turn of events, my own friend, Cousin, was there at Slapshots. I ended up talking to him most of the time (sorry Mindbling & V_Rock!) which isn’t surprising. We go way back.

All in all, it was a fun, eventful, awesome night. I’ve decided I’m going to make more of an effort to see Shiver the next time they play. I need some more mosh pit time. Definitely.

Shiver. Friday. Wahoo!!!!

17 12 2008

So as I’ve said before, this Friday my good friends, Shiver, are playing at My Living Room. I’m super excited to see them again. I haven’t seen any of them since right after Brufest when I saw Bruce & Jon at the bar.

It will definitely be a fun night. I might even get drunk enough to require my designated driver, who knows!!

To get you all in the swing of things, I’m sharing links to their website, MySpace and their songs… Go, look, listen…

And then meet at My Living Room Friday night. It’s a free show, it starts at 10pm and I guarantee a fun time. It’s My Living Room, after all…

Shiver website

Shiver MySpace


Be there!

Wahooo!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!

22 11 2008

shiverIt’s official. Words can’t explain my excitement.

Music is My Muse…

18 11 2008

I’m totally controlled by music… when I bartend and I song that I love comes on, you bet your ass I’m being a better bartender… Usually it’s random things on the jukebox. But every so often, we have bands at the bar. And here are two of my favorites. They are friends. And they are music I turn to, especially before rugby games…

The Atomic Drops. They are all awesome people. And I love their music. This video sucks because it was in Belvedere’s and I was, well, trashed. That’s what a whole day of drinking will do to you… oops. Sorry, dudes.

And then there is Shiver. The first newer punk band I ever heard. What did I know? It was a while ago. I ended up bartending a number of their shows, getting to know them and their significant others. They took a break for a while, and now they’re back – but I’ve only been able to see ONE show since they’ve been back. Not that they didn’t have them. They just seemed to always be when I had to work at the bar. But they will be playing My Living Room on December 19th. And I was informed by their lead singer that I should NOT work that night. I should be there to hang out and cheer them on. So that’s what I’m going to do. (Emily – bring my tshirt!!!!!)

I now gift you with one of my fave Shiver songs:

See you December 19th. 🙂