2-Parter: Ice Skate Resurrection & Sacroiliac Issues

14 01 2009

Part 1:Ice Skate Resurrection

The skate fail! was killing me on Saturday. I was about to cry when they fell apart on Friday night. I’m not even kidding. I called my parents and discussed my options, even!! After really ignoring those skates, but relying on them for so many years, I decided to spend the down-time at work investigating how those suckers were fastened… And really… did someone play a joke on me?skate-strapsONLY a two-piece double sided Velcro strap? You’ve got to be kidding me… That’s it?? For me? Little Ms. Project and Repair Lady? What??? No, it did not involve my Dremel, yet… but super glue, some thread, and some veclro? Are you underestimating my abilities or what??

I am proud to say that when my back issues are resolved, me and my skates will be reappearing on the ice. Kinda brandy-new and ready to go!!!!! So excited!  Joann’s only had white Velcro, so I had to add some blue to it… WIN!!!!



Don’t they look okay? Yes, is the right answer…

Now, I’m sorry, I love everything involving skates and ice, so laugh before part 2:

Part 2: Sacroiliac Issues

I’m blaming Friday’s Velcro disaster for the back pain I’ve had since then. I’m quite sure it was switching from the figure skates to the hockey skates – the different skates require totally different skating techniques, which I kept forgetting as I skated – that knocked my hips out of whack. And which as of today included numbness in my hands and feet, and required a trip to the chiropractor today.

Normally, when this happens, I get back spasms ranging from a minor ouch to ohmigodpleasekillmenowplease. Seriously. Sometimes I can’t even walk. It’s a great freaking time. Fortunately, this time I’ve not had any spasms. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Stupid sacroiliac joint… That sucker gets all out of place and twisted so that if you look really closely, my hips are visibly crooked… Or when I stand on both feet, the heel of my right foot is visibly off the floor… It’s ridiculous, really. This little problem runs in the family… it happens to my mom too. And I’ve had issues since high school. Sometimes I’m totally fine, and there’s really no way to tell when it will pop up (it’s happened when I’ve pushed in a chair, had a coughing fit, and now ice skating… amazingly enough, rugby has never caused it to flare up.) I had a few well-meaning doctors try to tell me that one of my legs was shorter than the other… even though I could show them the visible slope from hip to hip.

To solve said flare ups, I have relied on chiropractors. I guarantee you that a certain chiro in Cranberry has had at least three children’s college tuition paid by my family’s insurance. Guaranteed. I happened to wander into a land full of chiropractors… RUGBY. Who knew?!?!  One of the schools for chiropractic is Palmer College, which has a great rugby team… One chiropractor became my rugby coach, and now a good friend. We’re gonna call him “No-Good” or NG here in this bloggy blog.  He would bring his portable table with him all the time. I got adjusted before and after practices and games. I was in heaven…

No-Good has now become my go-to Chiropractor.  I trust him. More than I’ve trusted any other chiropractor I’ve been to. He knows that I know my back and I know when to come see him. He knows to get me in and out quick – not appointment time – meaning the number of times I have to come see him each time I have an issue.

So let’s hope this only takes a few visits and that I can get back to skating…

And lastly, enjoy one of the best ice skating/dancing things on the planet… and if you listen, DM or email or text me if you can figure out why I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE this dang thing… If you know me and pay attention, you should know.

And, if you figure it out, you should spend some time with me on Feb. 6th or 8th… most definitely…

This also qualifies as a Music is My Muse post because of the last video. WIN!

Friday night…

10 01 2009

I tried to write a post this evening… But my back is killing me and my brain is misbehaving and ice skating, to me, deserves more than a toilet-flush blog post… so I will get to that tomorrow…

All I have to say right now is — Yinz Team/Twitter Skating Night? WIN. WIN. WIN. WIN. WIN.

Yes, even with the back pain I have now… it was WIN. To the point where I can’t wait to call my Mom & Dad tomorrow and tell him about my ‘fave’ skate Velcro FAIL (it was due, I know), how I pulled out the “good” hockey skates and managed, and how everyone had a great time…

I’ll also tell them I fell – three times – and that I made eye contact with and got several smiles from a certain toddler and that we may have bonded over “snow.”

And also that almost everyone went to My Living Room afterwards. This part, my friends, is key… because THEY (the parents) have NEVER, EVER been there.

We will hopefully correct this during their visit next summer.