Tweeple: Thanks

11 02 2010

I’d like to just take a good minute to thank my friends on Twitter.

Thank you. So much.

I’d like to think I support the rest of y’all in everything. And if I do not, call me out.

But I rec’d some great DM’s and open messages from some really cool tweeps.

I thank you for helping me right now.

I love you all, for your support. Truly. You have no idea.

Anyone who thinks Twitter is ridiculous? They are wrong. Esp in the ‘Burgh. I’ve seen and been a part of the support. And had it happen to myself.

My Twitter friends are crazy supportive. Of everything I do.

Love you all. And thank you. Thank you. SO MUCH.

I’d offer to pay you back, or pay it forward…. But it would take a lifetime. Let’s just say I’m going to try to pay it back equally and try to pay it forward as much as I can.

I like to think it’s appropriate. And if I’ve called it wrong? You will tell me.

I’m so lucky to have you and I love you all. I’ll fight for you all day long, and then some…

Digging out.

11 02 2010

So all week, I’ve wondered when a city snowplow would grace my street with an appearance.

The general consensus here is that the city of Pittsburgh pulled a major FAIL with regards to snow removal. I agree, although since my car was parked in the alley behind my building since last Thursday, and I’ve been very lazy, and interrupted by snowfall, in getting new tires on my little Midgie* (yes, that’s my car’s official name,) I had no plans to drive anywhere, anytime soon.

*More on Midgie another time. But she kicks butt. Snow, whatever. I love her.

Last night a huge monstrosity of a vehicle came down my one way street. And yes, I went outside to the doorstep to take pictures. In my slippers. (Side note: I’ve been inside too long.)

According to BurghsEyeView, it was a Front End Loader GF. Whatever the heck that is. I just compared its size to that of the Jeep Cherokee on the bottom left and decided it was a monstrosity of a vehicle.  All I know is it moved a ton of snow around and made my street look driveable. Some other kind of similar thing visited the street today too. I think it was smaller. I’m not sure.

I posted a pic of my Midgie from Saturday pretending she was a big snowblob in the alley. And after walking all over Bloomfield, Friendship & East Liberty for 5 days, I’d had enough. I wanted to move her. I was slightly afraid of some kind of plow coming through the alley and taking her along with the snow.

So I got up today and went outside. Where I found my snowblob:

Yep, that’s my dear little Midgie. And that’s the view from the alley. There’s a little hillside on the other side of her. It’s maybe 3 1/2 feet high, but you couldn’t tell that right now, because the snow next to her is level with the snow on the high part of the hillside.

When I moved some snow from the driver’s side door, It was so high on the top I just stood and laughed.

And then I looked at what I had to drive through to rescue her:

Are you all laughing with me now? Yeah, I thought so.

But I found a dinky little plastic shovel in the entryway, (the old half metal one is gone) and I set to work. I only removed the snow from the top of the car, the alley-side and the front and a bit of the back. I managed to set off my car alarm (most hideous noise I’ve ever heard) while shoveling snow from it. And then, when I was ready to tackle my windshield and needed some heat to help, the car wouldn’t start. Eventually it did and I’m assuming it was the cold, wet key that caused the problem. Or my car was frozen solid. Either way, it finally started up.

We made it through the clean off and our first obtacle was getting out of the parking spot. I was not optimistic. But Midgie was, apparently, because we not only moved out of the spot, we went all the way to the end! And then another car came along the side street. Uh oh.

I was stuck for maybe 30 seconds in the slushy snow at the end of the alley. Using the common sense of rocking my car out, and one small neighbor girl who pushed (not sure how much help she gave, but she was willing, and I am grateful) we moved along.

I drove around & down my street to find the parking spot the monster vehicles had made was taken. Crap. So me and the Midgie braved the big streets (she did totally fine!) hit up the stores and came home.

I’m now parked 1/2 a block down, in a spot that was kind of made by the monster vehicles. I’m hoping to try to move her again tomorrow since I had plans for tomorrow night.

Here’s hoping…

The Saints.

8 02 2010

Congratulations. Huge, enormous congrats to the New Orleans Saints on their win in the Super Bowl. Thanks to my friend, Woy, I saw this picture this evening. Prepare yo’ selves for super cute.

Dang that is cute. And OMG way to go to Brees’ wife for putting those “I’m a baby DJ” headphones on that little sucker. Good thinking, lady!

whew. I’ve recovered from the cute. I think…

Super kudos to NE for overseeing the circus that is the Super Bowl. I watched a lot of the pre-game stuff, and the whole game. And good lord, that man needs a medal. (And to have Lili send me more photos of My Little C. All I see right now is snow, so Little C would be a welcome, gorgeous distraction from the snOMGv2.)

Speaking of snow, I’ve neither heard nor seen a snow plow since Friday.  Wonderful. My snowblob of a car isn’t going anywhere. But no big deal, I’ve become a quick fan of walking throughout my ‘hood. Very much so.

I spent around an hour or two this evening wandering Bloomfield. I went to the GE Market District. I walked in, and promptly walked out. I don’t need anything that badly. Geebus.

Mostly what I wanted was warm food. And what I needed was anything Gatorade and water like. I’m so freaking dehydrated from my over-heated apartment I’m afraid I might shrivel away in some dehydrated kind of human form soon. I’m not kidding. This place is crazy for it’s heat. I fear that I won’t regain my hydrated skin until sometime next fall. Moisturizer be damned, I’m SOL.

I walked back towards home & past it to see what was up further along Liberty. If a snow plow or salt truck came anywhere near Bloomfield, they didn’t do much. After my walk up Liberty, I came home via Friendship Ave. Apparently Friendship from the park to Winebiddle is one lane? WTH? I get that some sidewalks are one person deep. Me and my fellow walkers were kind to one another. In the area of Bloomfield, that is. First person to a stairway or opening stepped aside. And I thanked them, or they thanked me, with a smile, it was so nice. So much better than my walk on Sunday, towards Shadyside/E Liberty, where I had to hit shoulders with morons walking two wide. a-holes. And I probably bruised you, btw, I have very bony shoulders. Think about that next time idiots! The locals where much more kind…

But why is Friendship Ave, a pretty big busway from what I see, not plowed, cleaned up n’at? Then again, my walks over Center Ave and Baum Blvd proved that nothing has come near here since my walk on Sunday. Fantastic.

I’ve kidded about finding a job in Florida for about a year. This craptastic job of snow clearing has put that on the front burner. Seriously. Me and and other sites became good friends tonight. I didn’t find much, but we’re now exploring much of anything w/in driving distance of my family.

All that aside, I think, providing there is no snow coming next weekend, I’m going to be liberated from the Bloomfield area, and for my sanity, I hope that happens.

I also hope that my phone will not send random draft messages to everyone I know and make them think I’m insane. Way to go phone. Way to go. I look like a big jerk face right now.

Snowpocalypse 2010

6 02 2010

I don’t mind snow. But this is ridiculous.

I went out today and met some rugby girls who live nearby. We went to their apartment and hung out & watched The Hangover. (Note: if you haven’t seen The Hangover yet, go get it. And watch all the way through the credits at the end!) I meant to head to the Stromhuelsman Studio afterwards, but decided to come home for some dinner.

I tried to go to the ATM on the way home, but apparently all of the nearby ATMs for PNCBank are out of service. That’s great. Thanks, PNC.

So I headed home and took some pictures on the way:

The snow on one uncleared walkway is up to my knees!!

Corner of S Evaline & Coral Streets, Bloomfield

Wires across the road. It's probably 3' off the ground at the lowest point. No cars getting past this section of roadway...

View from my buildings stairs.

Somewhere in that snow blob is my car... Hah!