3 11 2008

That’s what the bar was last night. EMPTY. And by empty, I mean max patrons 14. For about 2 hours. I worked for 8 hours. Also for a different 2 hours, there were my friend HB and I. Alone. Just us. I think I have like 15 top scores on the newly reset Mega-Touch machine. That’s what happens when it’s dead. I sit and reinforce my MegaCrack addiction. It’s bad, hasn’t been this bad lately.

Viking, my co-worker and I, totally thought around midnight or so, we’d get some kind of rush. We didn’t. All we dealt with was some dude that uses a sundial as a watch. Srsly. A cigar box sundial. Ridiculous. But Hat Fetish guy (HF) was all about the cigar box guy. So that basically entertained us from like 11pm till 1:30. Until the sundial guy suddenly got mad at HF. Long story, but apparently sundial dude thought he had a new job. Insanity.

It was honestly the 2nd worst night I’ve ever had there. The worst was a Sunday when it was me, and um, me. And maybe 3 customers. I made $10.

Last night I made $25. Thanks. That’s great. Since I have the job only b/c it’s FUN. My bills and stuff can wait… Totally.

Overall, this Halloween weekend has been a MAJOR FAIL. I’d like to go back about a week and rearrange my life, because I should have worked Friday night. And if I could go back, I’d have totally rocked the house waiting on all those people. I’d rather be the bartender than judge the costume contest, which is what I did. Badly. Way to go Bender!!

Pictures to follow, if I ever come up with cash to pay for the processing!

And here’s to a much better week. Rock on.