22 02 2011

So updates on posts and random stuff.

My burn is better. The blister left, and left me with a beautiful leathery skin thing that quickly peeled itself off.  Part of my finger is now bright pink. Yay. I can’t wait to see the scar I end up with.

My soul is still happy from Chachiplays, and from my friends at work. I’m so lucky.

I got an email today about spring softball. I replied with “SIGN ME UP!” I can’t wait for softball. I just hope it isn’t Saturday mornings…

I talked to The Nana today. Good gravy, she is sick. So is The GrandPa (aka Papa). They have meds. I hope they get better soon, because they are supposed to watch Little C this coming weekend! (which reminds me again that I wish I lived near my sister.)

I discovered Pandora recently. I love my Mason Jennings station and everything that plays on that station. WOW. I’ll branch out a more soon. But for now, it makes me mellow and happy.

It snowed today. I saw 1-3″ predicted on Twitter earlier. Pretty sure we have more than 6″. I really wanted a Triangle Melt with ham from My Living Room. And maybe a tasty beverage. I settled for a 6″ sub from Get Go and a Woodchuck. (See also, fail.)

I want spring. Or Florida. Or summer and pool time. NOW.

I am going to see SkateRat’s band on Wednesday at Mr. Smalls. I have no idea where Mr. Smalls is, except that it’s in Millvale. IDK. I’m going with many people from My Living Room. It’s going to be awesome. Apparently a band named The Toasters is also playing. Again, IDK.

I am also going to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops again, thanks to a Twitter friend. I’m a little excited about it.

I’m attending a meeting on Thursday about the next PodCamp. I will be more involved for sure.

And the maybe best part? I am no longer The Organization’s go-to person for everything on the planet. Meaning, I have no responsibilities, no requirements, nothing. I no longer have to ask my family to change stuff, or ask work to not schedule me, because of said organization. I have no ties to them, whatsoever, except for never paying dues again. I did my time.

So besides my parents being sick, the snow and my eventual scar, I win at life this week.  And it’s only Monday.

Friday! Friday! Friday!

2 12 2010

Wooo boy. Tomorrow is Brewfest. Thank whomever you pray to, because good grief am I happy it’s nearly over.

I want it to be 9pm Friday night. Right. Now.

I also want to see Little C every day, so you see how I’m a big fail on the things I want, right?

Things for Brewfest are good to go. I spent today and will spend tomorrow running errands for the event.

And then, the Brewfest will happen, and if all goes well, I will have NOTHING to do that night but monitor, help the beer judges find their way through the crowds, and monitor again.

Oh, and I will get to see a zillion of my Twitter friends. 🙂 I can’t lie, I’m super, duper happy for that part.

Muchos thank yous out to the ruggers who helped so much with this. I’d list you, but it would take me an hour, and then I’d obviously forget someone, and feel like a ding dong for doing so.

So thank you all. And my tweeps for supporting my event. And every other single person who bought tickets. I love you all.

And, yes, Uncle Crappy and Father Spoon, I’m *starting* to love beer.

You’re welcome

Do you like how I somehow managed to fit Little C into this post?  I do…  (That’s my sly little way of fitting my lovely – Little C – into every post I can…) Hah. If you saw her, you’d want her in every post as well. TRUE STORY!! (also, 19 days till I see her again!)


11 10 2010

Yesterday was the ZombieFest event here in Pittsburgh.

It was also my first Sunday at My Living Room in a zillion years. And when I showed up at 5pm for a BLT, the bar was mostly empty.

And don’t you know, the Invasion of the Zombies happened right as my shift started at 6pm.  (Keep in mind here, I have nothing against the Zombie folk. It was kind of cool to see all the makeup, outfits etc.)

We went from ready to switch employees to holycrapwe’resobusy. So busy, in fact, that we ran out of pint glasses and I RAN. No really, I RAN to Giant Eagle to buy cups. And RAN back. (That was fun…)

And when I got back, around 8pm, I was told we closed the kitchen. We were out of plates. In all my years working at this bar, that has NEVER happened.

We were slammed. More than the past two Saturdays that I worked. Woa.

Finally, things settled down, but we were still busy. The day shift people left, SkaterRat and I were on top of things. The bands started.

The bands continued. Peaches, who was working, on his ONLY day off, finally clocked out and took off. (He still loves me, FYI, even when he looks like he’s ready to kill someone. Whew. I love my Peaches.)

The final band went on, which includes Drummer and another guy who used to work the door at My Living Room, and they reminded the small crowd to tip the bartenders, which made me love them even more. (band folk, that is key to earn the love of the bartenders, just sayin’) (which reminds me, I think there’s a Shiver show coming up that I need to attend.)

After the bands were done is where the fun starts.

First, I get these guys, one after another at the bar, asking if I am me… I kind of freak – I know my old reputation, and I’m trying to hard to bury it – but then they tell me my old regulars told them I was working there again, and they should introduce themselves since I’m a “rad chick.” I nearly died on the spot. Swoon.

Next, one of my old fave regulars, a girl, shows up… and I swear, I thought she was going to faint when she saw me. She was SO happy! These reactions? Make me remember how much I loved working there. And make me so much more dedicated to be that new me at the bar.

And @psylum showed up. Yay!!!!!!! I love that him! He only stayed for one beer, but we talked enough that I’m sure it took him forever to drink that one beer. Love you! And goodness, I missed you. 🙂

And then… Then, techno music comes out of the jukebox. Techno. The guys who played it are oh-so-proud of themselves, and are newer regulars, and had a plan…

Next up? Rick-rolling the bar. Love! Then Huey Lewis (sorry, my request, and they picked one of the cheesiest ones to play.) Then Tracey Chapman. Really? We all agreed we all hate the song… And I think the last was a Simon & Garfunkel…

But then… Miley Cyrus. Party in the USA (is that the right name? IDK. Don’t care, either)

And last? Michael Jackson dance party. All over the place. All. Over. The. Place. Back table? Check. Multiple people out in front of the bar? Check.

It was hilarious. Everyone had such a great time. I loved it. Was I sweaty, gross, and running my butt off? Oh, absolutely. Did I love every second of it? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes.

I can’t wait for next Saturday!!!

Ready. Sort of.

1 10 2010

I’m ready for my busy day tomorrow.

Knowing that I’m old and stuff, I am at home tonight, getting ready for a good night’s sleep. Because working from 6pm till close is something I gave up over a year and a half ago.

It’s gonna be rough. But I’m ready to show up with a smile, and wear whatever the heck I can manage to fit the dress code. I know I own approximately 30,000 PRFC and Living Room shirts. Can I find one? NO! Are there any smalls in the PRFC goodie bags? No. Guess I’m buying a new t-shirt tomorrow.

(Which I will mod in my own time before the next shift.)

I swear on everything I love, I WILL be pleasant tomorrow night. I will be a new-to-you bartender.

But, first, I’m getting up and going to tailgate with the master of tailgating, Uncle Crappy, before we watch Burghseyeview‘s son play football against CMU.

Said son is also a rugger, so I gotta be there. Yes, I’m skipping a home Angels game to attend this. But I’ll see my ladies later.

I’ll peace out and head to work… Yes, I just said that. I am going to work…. At My Living Room.

You have no idea how much this freaks me out.

I’m going to work. I have, if only for one night, a job. Good grief.

I am a bartender again.

God, I hope I remember how to do this.

By the way, friends who are planning to be there to support me? You have no idea how much I appreciate you. I hope to be able to hug or talk to every single one of you, if I can’t, please understand I’ve gotta do this job, but I love that you guys are going to be there for me. Even more than I appreciated your showing up when I left My Living Room.

Luckiest girl on the planet to have the friends I have. True Story.

I have to be at work (that is SO STRANGE TO SAY) by 6pm. I want dinner before I work. So I’ll be there earlier.

Things have changed there. I hope I’m quick enough to get it.

Pretty sure I will get it, and I will be better for it.

Can’t wait to see everyone at My Living Room tomorrow.

Ah, My Living Room. This is going to be EPIC.

Do-Goodery: RESULTS!

24 08 2010

Wow. You guys did awesome.

I have so much stuff to send to RRR that it’s going to take me two or three shipments.

And I was given some $ to buy stuff and to help me pay to ship it, along with offers from a few people to help me pay for it.

Really, the only thing that we missed was the Steelers and Pens stuff. So I’m going to take some of that money I was given, and go to the Strip District and buy a bunch of stuff. I already have my eye on a few things I found online

So, for what I received, here’s a list:

  • 2 bags (22 ea) of individual chips
  • 1 box microwave popcorn
  • 4 large tubes of toothpaste
  • 4 small tubes of toothpaste
  • 2 toothbrushes
  • 2 – 2pks of Dove soap
  • Assorted chocolates and snacks
  • Pringles singles assorted pack
  • 5 – 40ct bobby pins
  • 3 – 7ct ponytail holders
  • 1 box – 50 count assorted chips
  • 1 box – 36 count Famous Amos cookies
  • 1 container – 36 qts – Gatorade powder
  • 6 large bags Hot Fries
  • 8 small bags Hot Fries
  • 2 loofahs
  • 3 bath puffs
  • Cheetos – 1 lg bag, 2 individual bags
  • 1 bag Pittsburgh Pretzels
  • 1 $10 calling card
  • 1 Movie DVD
  • 1 Freak Show video DVD
  • 1 bag Cheetos hot fries
  • One, um, game… (don’t ask. Because I won’t tell you.)
  • Skoal:
    • 2 tins apple
    • 3 citrus
    • 7 berry

Wow. Way to go, friends! I appreciate you helping me to do this, and I’m sure RRR and Co. will appreciate it as well.

RRR’s location & address changed, and I just got her new one the other day. But, since I’m making a trip to Florida for 2 weeks, I have told RRR that I’ll ship everything when I get back. I’ll try to split stuff into two kind of equal shipments.

Brewfest & rugby practice.

20 08 2010

Brewfest. It’s on. December 3rd. OMG

So much work to do.

And today? A distributor guy who totally rocks my Brewfest with double digit numbers of brewers every year sent me a spreadsheet of the beers they represent. Not just one spreadsheet. But a 6-tab spreadsheet. My Netbook cried out loud! when I tried to view the beer list.

Oh, and even better? He said, “We will take as many tables as we can for the

Um, hi, I love you. Especially after not being able to really see the 6-tab spreadsheet. Good grief.

I gotta print those suckers out to take on my “vacation” to Florida as “required reading.”

Required reading. On my vacation. Yep.

Also on the “required” list, and before that reading thingy? JOB.

I went to rugby tonight. To be a “body.” The Angels numbers are craptastic. I would love to know why… We’re awesome… But I don’t have insurance, so I can’t do much.

But, I scrummed at prop with the scrum machine. (Since I’m a 1-15 player!) And whoooo buddy! Is it fun to be a stand-in prop, and have those second rows hit you? WOW. Good gravy those girls propel you far. I kinda-sorta wish I was bigger and could play prop. Or second row… Dreams, we all have them… Although the “squeeze and drive” part was a bit difficult to get used to at prop. 2nd row? Got it. Flanker? Got it. 8-man? Got it. Prop & hooker screw me up.

And then I somehow got talked into being a jumper in line outs to help the lifters, leftover sunscreen covering my legs, and yeah… we’re now not lifting just via shorts. We’re lifting from the knees. (Also, when I started playing rugby? You could NOT lift… I’m old.) So every time KB or the other lovely ladies tried to lift me? Their hands slipped. Much. I nearly collapsed, 3-4 feet in the air onto KellsBells. I don’t wanna kill my KellsBells!!!

But we managed. Then I fielded kicks and other stuff and talked to the boys about the Brewfest and Name that Brewfest Beer (I have 62 submissions & I’ll talk about that later before my hug-The Nana-till-she-kills-me trip to Florida) Sorry, The Nana, you’re about to get elebenty hugs a day, and we’re going to do a felt food experiment… Surprise!!!!)

Yeah, my life is kinda full. But I’d rather have a jobby job…. And do the rest at home.

In closing, fave line out call, by Birthday Girl tonight: “Claire’s so tan. 28.”

Most of that will be lost on you regulars, but I’ll ‘splain it to you if you ask…

Text me if you need me on my vacation. Cuz I’m all about my family while I’m gone. They’re super amazing and “get” the rugby stuff, but I’m going to try to leave my Netbook and phone at the house. A. Lot. I NEED my family right now.

Island? Not so much…

11 08 2010

Sometimes, the number of “Friends” I have on Facebook, or people who follow me or I follow on Twitter catches my eye. (I know some people hate those number things, but I notice it, offhand, sometimes.)

And I pause for a moment…

Do I REALLY know that many people? How in the world do I know that many people?

Do that many people really care what I have to say or how I feel? Really, some of them don’t. But a lot of them do….

Wow. Just WOW.

The number of people who said they’d pray for or send NE and Lili good thoughts for his surgery? Stunning.

The number of happy birthday wishes I received on Saturday? Unbelievable.

The ladies I know who trust me to look after their kids? (Including today, when @TwinMamaTeb let me take her baby lady in the big kids pool? One of the best times, EVER! Her kids? Rock. She’s lucky I didn’t try to take them home… Her boy did try to NOT. LET. GO. Also, heart melt.) And the other times people have done that? I’m honored by it. Really.

I know, I sound all mushy and feely and whatever.

I’ve always been the girl who takes care of herself. (thank you, rugby. I can tackle when I have to!) I’ll walk/drive anywhere on my own. I’m not afraid of much at all…

Singledom? Sucks.

And, not having a job is the worst thing ever.

Plus, my family isn’t here. And I miss them so much. No, SO ASKDFL(IEWOP;DCN MUCH. I sort of always felt like my own little island here in Pittsburgh. All by myself.

I was kinda okay with that. For years. Many, many years…

But when I see my friends, and after Saturday night and then remember all of those prayers and birthday wishes? My heart soars! And I realize how blessed I am to have another “family” here in Pittsburgh.

I am truly grateful for the people I know here in Pittsburgh. And as such, you should click on the link below, so that Cookie Monster can tell you what I want to tell you all.


Howdy doo!

Me love you.

No complications.

3 08 2010

I’m happy to report that NE’s surgery went well today with no complications!

When I heard from Lili, she said NE was resting and in minimal pain.

This makes me so happy. Good stuff!!!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support and prayers and positive thoughts. My family and I appreciate it more than I could ever tell you.

I’m not sure what the next steps are, but I will let you know when I find out.

Thanks again, everyone. My family and I are blessed to know such amazing friends.


2 08 2010

So, the update is that NE’s surgery was not today. It’s tomorrow. So please send super prayer to South Florida for us. Kind of like a big Care Bear Stare:

(Also, why didn’t I post this before? It’s exactly what we need to defeat that stupid mediocre C, love THE BIG C.)

In other news, we’re well into the biggest birthday week of the year. No, not just mine. I know approximately 10 people, myself  included, whose birthdays are between August 1st and August 9th.

In honor of MY birthday, I’ve decided to do a few things this week:

  • Do some sewing in an attempt to cheer myself up. Something has to work, right?
  • I’m going to buy myself some stuff for my birthday. I hope you’re sitting down, because this is some craaaazy, mind-blowing stuff. Ready?
    • Shampoo
    • Face wash
    • Toilet paper
    • Hair gel
    • Trash bags

Are you guys okay? I know that list is shocking! I’m being a big spender for what is kind of a big birthday. In reality, I’m poor and I do actually really need those  things. Badly.

I’m also going to have a Grilled Fluffernutter at My Living Room for dinner before the collective birthday party. Are you coming? You should be.

(Calipanthergrl and I have a plan to make me look slightly different than what you’ve seen before. It’s going to be neat!!)

It will be fun, we’ll do do-goodery (update coming on that later), and there will be baked goods. Carbomb Cupcakes from Jenn. And Missy, to whom I will now refer to as the Baked Good Fairy, will be bringing chocolate chip cookies, with a warning that she may bring more.


Get ready for tomorrow’s Big Good Thoughts to Florida Stare, peeps.  Please. And THANK YOU. From my whole family.

Stuff. And Bucco Tweetup.

18 07 2010

Yesterday was the Bucco Tweetup. Once again, a super fun time. Thank goodness for my friends – Hamstring & Law School – for lending me their cornhole game thingy. @Dahcheet and I are the king & queen of cornhole now… Who knew? (Not me, to be honest!)

Also, kudos to Uncle Crappy for not only grilling up some super tasty food, but for MELTING THE ASPHALT while he was at it. NO. I’m not kidding. He melted the asphalt… See?

I left the Tweetup early. To go to My Living Room. Because one of my teammates, now to be known as “What What” is moving to POLAND in a few days.



What????? Why? Well she has a jobby job teaching ESL. That’s why.

Doesn’t make it any less sad or painful.

I know this teammate, not as well as others, and I promised myself when I said goodbye to WhatWhat, I would NOT cry. Big surprise. I cried.

I don’t think there’s much I can do without crying, in case you weren’t aware.

I just can’t imagine a practice or outing without her. True story. She will be sooo missed by the Angels. Soooo missed.

But WhatWhat? When you come home? Or visit? You know you’ll get all of us out. Cause we can’t live without ya!

In new news, Birthday Girl and I are hosting a birthday party for ourselves on August 7th at My Living Room. We are both turning 29 again! Yes, again!! Isn’t that fun! And the amazing JB will be dejaying for us (if you were at the Asshat Tweetup, you know JB’s skillz.)

I find it hilarious that some of the relatively new ruggers I told about the party last night didn’t believe I was even 29. Yet again turning that age again.

What is also amazing about my turning 29 AGAIN on the 7th is that Lili turns 30 on the 9th. I don’t think Lili got this “stop aging at 29” gene, since she’s turning 30, which will mean she’s now my BIG SISTER. I’m sure Lili is overjoyed at this prospect.