Tomorrow, attending a wedding.

22 06 2012

It’s summer. It’s the season of weddings. I don’t often get invited to attend a wedding with a friend or on my own…

But a few weeks ago, I got an email from PghRugbyRef, who comments here often, when, and if I post… And asked me to attend a wedding with him tomorrow.

So tomorrow we are off to a wedding at the Phipps Conservatory. And then to a movie, Rock of Ages (since there is so much time between the wedding & reception,) and then to the reception, at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium.

I’m pretty sure we’ll have a blast. I’m looking forward to it!


12 04 2010

Saturday was a kind of sad day. My boys lost their Quarterfinal match against Chicago South Side Irish.

I ran touch for the game, and did my very best to be impartial. I was only heckled by some old boys that were out at the game. Helllooooo Mr. Wilson!!!! And that was kind of funny, to be honest.

I could go on & on about the things that went wrong on our side, their side, the referee, their touch judge. But instead, I’m just going to say I’m so proud of my guys. So. Proud.

In addition to how they played, the thanks I received for helping them set up their field. You’re very welcome, guys…

Gentlemen, you played well and I’m so proud of you.  I can’t wait to see you go further after next fall’s season. I know you can do it.  I KNOW THIS. In my heart. I know it.

That’s how I feel today. Proud of my boys.

And since then, I’ve seen no fewer than three emails from my boys to the their teammates. Exceptionally motivating emails for them to continue to play this season and into the fall.

I can’t lie. I wrote this part of this post on Sunday. And waited to post it. Especially after my convo’s on Saturday, I wanted to see what happened.

And my boys continued to make me proud with the rally emails. I love you guys. And I so appreciate you that have thanked me for what I’ve done. You rock. Thank you.

I don’t know what will happen. I lost my crystal ball a long time ago. But I do truly hope that my boys/men rally and continue to show up and fight. And that it continues into the fall so that they are THE team to beat. I have seen and continue to see so much potential in my men. I just want them to go where the Angels have been.

I want a year from now, when I run touch for the Angels, for someone to mouth off about my guys and for me to able to say, when YOU go to Nationals, like my men and women, call me. That would make my life, to this point, guys.  So let’s do it.

I love my rugby club. No matter what. It’s what keeps me here. It’s my family since I’m not living near them… I received many positive comments in person this past Saturday about my involvement. And some of the things that my guys told me at the field and later on in the evening, left me nearly speechless and so proud of the guys. And I’m mentioning it here so that some day when I feel under-appreciated or someone does something stupid, I can re-read this and know, without a doubt, that they do appreciate what I do.

Thank you, and you know who you are. Let’s keep up this season, don’t quit on me. AND keep it going in the fall so that next spring is even better for us, ok? It would mean the world to you and ME.


4 04 2010

During the 2nd half of the rugby match yesterday, I went in at flanker.

We were behind our 22 meter line, a scrum down going on. When in that situation, and you win the scrum, you want your best kicker to kick the ball into touch down the field somewhere. If it all works out, you get a line out at the point where the ball goes into touch, aka out of the boundaries of the field.

So we win the scrum, and I break off and turn around intending to run behind my fly half to support her if the kick can’t happen. But what happened was the ball made it to our new fly half, and she kicked it.

Directly into my face. My face, yo! Mouth, nose, right eye.

It didn’t hurt. Not kidding. No pain. It was more of a “holy crap, did that really just happen?” kind of thing. I pulled out my mouth guard and tossed it to the ground and checked to see if my nose was bleeding. It wasn’t. The ref – a great guy who knows me by name – came over and checked me out. I was fine. Just sort of shocked that this happened AGAIN. (First time was oh 6 years ago in Chicago. Same sort of situation – I turned around and got the kick direct to my nose. No nosebleed then either, btw.) According to the ref, the sound of the ball hitting my face was 10x louder than when the fly half kicked it. Hahaha.

I went back to playing and ended up going out 20 or so minutes into the 2nd half. Not because I was hurt or wasn’t playing well – but because there were a few other issues going on with the team at that point and changes needed to be made. I give one of our captains, Boo, credit for reading everything well and making that decision. She did a good job. I wasn’t upset to be taken out.

I went out and got a bag of ice and applied it as best I could to my nose/mouth/eye area. That’s very awkward, in case you’re wondering. I asked the doc who comes out to help us to check out my nose a bit later, just in case, and he said it wasn’t broken and he saw me ice up and said I did the right thing. And I woke up today without a black eye (the one time I could get a black eye and not worry about it – being unemployed – and it doesn’t happen! I had many offers last night to be punched in the face so I’d get a black eye. No thanks.) but with a pounding headache that still isn’t gone.

What’s even better about this dis-jointed story is that the fly half who kicked that ball? Yeah, she’s one of the girls I COACHED on a high school team back when I started playing rugby again! The poor girl asked me maybe 30 million times if my face was okay. At the field. At the bar later. Me and my face are perfectly fine. Just a tiny bit swollen and a nice little headache. No worse for the wear.

The best part of yesterday was the DIII men’s match afterward… I’m running touch, which you all know I LOOOOOVE. And the other team was bitching amongst themselves and I hear “Shut the eff up.” Didn’t know it was to me… But then I was told something along the lines of “I’m sorry, but the Pittsburgh Angels think they are good, but they have no idea how to play rugby and they suck.” At that point, not only am I ‘officially’ a match assistant referee while running touch, I’m and Angel and buddy poked the bear. My reply was “When your team goes to Nationals and comes in 2nd or better, then you can talk to me.” His reply was to tell me to shut up again.

DON’T POKE THE BEAR, FOLKS. Haven’t we learned this by now? I know people hear about me when they join the club, and I don’t know if I’m happy or miserable about that, but they are told not to poke the bear. I’d think that this relatively local team would also know this. Apparently not…

Now, you know I take my touch judge thing seriously. I really, really do. And when that moron said that to me, I should have bit my tongue and said nothing. I told the match ref and the ref coach who was there to critique the match ref what happened. And I apologized for losing my cool and talking back to the guy…

But what really was awesome was that that moron’s teammate came up to me later and apologized for his team. Twice in the same convo. I thanked him for both apologies & told him I appreciated his apology. I thank him again now in this post, even though I’m sure he & his team have no idea this little blog exists. His apology, while not asked for or demanded or whatever, was very nice and I really do appreciate it. I’m not that bad – I give credit where it is due.


25 11 2009

To keep you through the next oh 24 hours or so where I land in Florida, see my Little C, forget about Pittsburgh, rugby, Yinz Team and my blog in entirety…

Bwahahaha. Lordy. Enjoy.

#2 Seed.

26 10 2009

WOW. We won on Sunday… Not that I didn’t think we could do it… The Angels are honestly amazing… But this means we are the #2 seed at Nationals. WOW.

I ran touch for the 3rd place match. Scioto Valley won easily over the intoxicated County Will 92-0. Flash, ME and I were expecting a sh*$-show bad game, given what we saw when we arrived at the field… But instead, we dealt with a super-long, boring, no-drama match… Yes. Ninety-two to ZERO. Yeah…

The Angels match started before we were done with ours. So the hot second that first match was done? I handed over my touch flag to ME, and RAN like a crazy lady to my team. I didn’t know if I was playing. But I HAD to be there. And I’m glad I was.

We beat Minnesota 27.-5.

Around halftime, I realized I wasn’t going to play… So in the 2nd half, I went to the other side of the pitch to deal with the details of running the tourney, cleaning up etc.

Thanks to UncleCrappy, MrsCrappy, ClumberKim and FatherSpoon for coming to watch us. I finally got to meet ClumberKim’s daughter, E. And ohmygosh. She is amazingly adorable.

The tournament went really well, we received many compliments & I personally think that everything went very well.

I’m grateful for the volunteers that we had, for the refs & other touch judges, for the members of Pitt City who came out to support us on Sunday, and for themembers of the Pittsburgh Harlequins who helped to set up everything, ran the scoreboard and helped us make the tournament a success. A big thanks to everyone!

Going to Nationals…

24 10 2009

Well, my teammates are. The Angels beat Scioto Valley this evening, 50-17. Yeah. 50 points. It was awesome.

This win guarantees us a spot in Nationals. What we do tomorrow determines our seeding.

We will play Minnesota at 11:30am for the Midwest Championship. I might make an appearance in that game. No promises, you never know. And I never know, but our coach makes great decisions, so we’ll just trust him on this one.

I am running touch again (which I did pretty well with this evening!) for the consolation match at 10am. And if I’m not playing during the Angels match, I’ll probably be with UncleCrappy & MrsCrappy. So you know where to find me in that case.


I said my teammates, and not that I or we were going to Nationals because the group flight is $400.

Given my current financial situation (ie. I gotz no job). I can’t even afford a flight on my own on Southwest for under $200. Oh hai stupid Living Room… if I still worked there I *might* be able to afford the $200.

So I won’t be in Houston – and I really can’t tell you how upset I am about this. So we won’t talk about that, ok? But if someone out there who owns a business would love to bankroll that $200-400 for me, I’d gladly advertise you, somehow… lol…

But I’ll hopefully be in total contact with the girls and will update the website ASAP after I hear what happens. I know they can do this. I KNOW IT.


I am SO DAMN PROUD of my team and my coach. I love every single person that ever steps on the field for my Angels. Really.

They kicked some serious butt today. It was really hard for me to run touch and not scream and yell & cheer them on. But they were amazing. And I know they’ll be amazing tomorrow.

If you’d like backup on my belief they played well, you can ask FatherSpoon, Norm or Abby. Or the lovely Mrs. Derda or even better, Teaspoon. Yep, he was there! First tailgate for my little boyfriend was at a rugby game. That’s so awesome.

Although if you ask Teaspoon, he might just drool on you. And personally, I think you should take that as a compliment… He drooled when I finally said hi to him today, and I, well, I feel honored. 🙂

I know these friends didn’t understand the game at all, but I really appreciate the support for my team. Norm did try to clarify a few things at half time, but I’m not sure I helped much – it was too short a time period for me to explain much. Sorry, Norm. I love that you tried to understand my game, though.


In other news, unfortunately, our men lost today to Lexington. They are now 5-1 in division play. And you know, I think NO LESS of them for that loss, and nor should they or anyone else. My guys did something I didn’t think possible for quite some time. They took on opponents and kicked their butts. There was no break down within the team when an opponent scored or they had a penalty against them… I am so proud of the guys.

And I think that maybe this loss could be a good thing for them. It will make them work harder from now until the Spring (when their Nationals etc. happen) and make better things happen then. I have faith in these men. Just like the Angels can do it, so can they.

So you aren’t undefeated… Gentlemen, you should be so damn proud of what you’ve done… You have NO IDEA.

And I really hope good things for both of these teams going forward. I love them both. Entirely.

Oh! And I can’t forget this… THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH TO OUR VOLUNTEERS WHO SHOWED UP TODAY AT NOON AND HELPED US SET UP THE FIELDS. WOW!! Parents, former players, current players, some Quins. WOW. Did we get it done. You guys are AWESOME. Amazing. Thank you so much. You have NO IDEA!!


22 10 2009

Big, big thanks go out the local, while slightly north-of-town, newspaper dude who posted this today for Newsbreak:

On behalf of the Angels, we love ya!

Now, if I could just find out if Creation Rex got my call for assistance…

I reached out to see if my friend Rex was hungry. Gosh, I hope he is. I can provide him names when he shows up… I saw *nothing* in the USARugby laws indicating that a dinosaur could or could not intervene in a game… Apparently they need to update the laws in case of random large fans in Pittsburgh. I assume they never thought we’d have a real live dinosaur on our hands… Right?

Fortunately, not my problem.

So come on out, Rex… And Rex, yes, you can tailgate all you want after 4pm. Just no open flames or grills. I know, disappointing, no Flaming Norm, but really, I like Norm. So I’d have to discourage that anyway.

But you can wander all around and drink your big old dinosaur face off!!! Hooray. (Just don’t eat the tiny touch judge in stripey or pink socks. That would be me…) Actually, apply that to all touch judges and apply your menu to ONLY the opponents of the Angels. Thankyouverymuch.

*smooches, Rex* If you show up, you’ll be gifted with an Angels t-shirt in a week or two!! I know, awesome, right??

Laws… and other stuff.

17 10 2009


The “rules” of rugby are called “Laws.” You can find them here. Have fun with that link, boys & girls.

They are ridiculous and sometimes seriously difficult to understand. No kidding. And I play the game…

And we have what are called ELV’s. Experimental Law Variations. This is a new thing, as of last year. They were previously tried out at a higher level, then introduced to the rest of us & were experimental. This was last season… Our coach was super and sent out every single update and instructional thing he found. I think we were the only team who knew them. Seriously.

But even though experimental, they became the laws, so there you go. So we play a season with these ELV’s, and sometimes it was rough. It seemed some teams had NO IDEA they existed! But some teams knew some of them, but not all… And then, the IRB decided some of them weren’t working and took them away.

Geebus – this is still causing issues…. I’d love to go into an in depth explanation of all of this, but only about 6 of you who read this blog on a regular basis would get it. And besides, I’m pretty dang sure those folks know what I’m talking about already.

Why is this important? Any of it? Because next weekend my team is hosting the Championships for the Midwest Division II Women. And I’m scheduled to be a touch judge for at least 2 games of the 4.

And I take that responsibility seriously. I don’t want to be the reason that some team loses. Hell, no.

Because I do that touch judge thing so much, I was thankful years ago to be given the Touch Judge Level I course booklet. Wow, does that help.

USA Rugby used to offer a touch judge certification course separate from referee certification. I hate them for taking that touch cert away. HATE.

But even with the little course booklet, it’s still hard. Especially when players don’t know the laws at all. They bitch & complain about my calls. But I’m almost always right. 🙂

And the laws change.

Because I am the person that I am, I read my little booklet before every season. And compare it to the current laws. No clue why I really like running touch – I have NO idea. But I dig it.

But there are still things I just can’t remember. Mostly to do with touch-in-goal. I don’t know why I can’t just understand & remember that stuff, but I keep trying. Most refs in the area know me, and know what I’m able to do. And I appreciate it.

Overall, I’d give myself a B- on touch judging. I’m not perfect, but dang if I don’t call my own teammates/club mates for doing stuff… And I really try to keep getting better at it.

And I plan to get an A+ next weekend. So you should come on out and watch and/or volunteer to help us. We need people, especially since the Angels are probably competing in the championships…

If you’d like to help me with this, please comment, DM me or send an email. I’d love you forever. Seriously.


In other news, going to the drive in again tomorrow. Zombieland & Jennifer’s Body. Meh. Wanted to see Where The Wild Things Are, but the other movie is something I’ve never heard of, and neither of us was interested in finding out about it. So we’ll see Wild Things soon in the movie theatre. I’m interested to see both Zombieland AND Jennifer’s Body. In the least, I imagine Jennifer’s Body will not be as bad as Sorority Row which we had to sit through last time!!! No Rumor Willis? Sweet.


Go here, do me a favor and go here and vote for TheBurghBaby. Yeah, yeah. I know, the baby site. Whatevs. Just vote for her. I know her, she rocks, as does her kid, and she’s been an super supporter of me AND my rugby crap. So DO IT. DO IT. DO IT. If you don’t, and I find out, and you’re a rugger? I might make your life miserable at Brewfest. 🙂


Have I mentioned how freaking wonderful and amazingly beautiful My Little C is lately? I received some pics the other day that STILL have me in fits of laughter when I see them. She’s amazing. And if she lived within driving distance, with me being unemployed, I’d totally be there watching her every move. But she lives down South. Which also makes buying her the most adorable winter coat on the planet un-possible. But wow would she rock that coat. Rock. Indeed. Gosh, that little girl kills me when I see pics of her. Every.Single.Time.  She”s totally the love of my life. Thank God.

Happy… oh, Rugby Day

27 09 2009

Stick with me here, kids, cause there’s something fun after my typing marathon!

Saturday is a rugby day! Hooray! When it isn’t regular season, somehow Saturday is still a rugby day, and when there isn’t a game to play or watch you kind of feel lost.

The Angels played the Pitt girls today. We won – a few tries and a phenomenal drop goal by a former WVU player – to zero. She’s got a great boot, that girl. Someday down the road there’s going to be a league team that is stunned because we pull a drop goal on them!! The Pitt girls were significantly better than we expected, I think. But it’s funny though, because their coaches are a former Angel, a current men’s player and they’re helped by a number of current Angels. 🙂

I started at flanker. Played so-so. Wasn’t feeling entirely up to par. The only thing I’m pretty sure I did do well was move around the field and chase that dang ball. Oh, and some pretty nice looping with the backs. (Hard to explain, but I passed the ball to someone, went on their outside, caught the ball again, passed it off and rinse & repeat… get it?) I came out at halftime. No problem, except that it was still raining. And it was freezing. And I didn’t change because, well, you never know.

And I was right. The coach came up to me with about 15 minutes left and asked how I felt about playing in the back line… Well, it was raining and maybe 60 degrees, so I’m good for anything, so my reply was that I’d play where ever he wanted*. And I ended up spending the last 10 minute at outside center. Wow. Don’t remember the last time I played outside center. Maybe 3-5 years ago? Didn’t play very well, compared to my expectations, but the conditions were pretty crappy overall, so I’ll just pretend that’s why I didn’t play as well as I expected.

* In all honesty, the only positions that disturb me – are jumping in line outs & playing full back. Luckily, our coach has already handed me these fretful positions in the past and I’m able to deal… Bleh.*

Anyway, next up was my boys playing Detroit. Oh, my boys. I’m so proud of them! They are now 3-0. Yes, THREE WINS and ZERO LOSSES against league opponents so far this season. If they are given points like the Midwest Women are, they have two bonus points in their column. That? Is awesome.

I saw some amazing plays by them today. I saw players that I knew were good do awesome things. And then I saw players who took a few years off do even greater things!! I’ll say this here and now, because, well, it’s technically in print, I saw the Asshat play an AMAZING game. Seriously. Not kidding. I was impressed. And happy that not only he, but the rest of the guys are playing so well. I’d name more of them, but that would require me to 1) look at my Cast of Characters a bit more or 2) figure out names for the rest of them. To be honest, my brain is dead and option 2 would take me way, way too long… I’ll work on it for you though.

After that was the B side match vs a random Detroit team. I ran touch and I’m pretty sure that at one point most of their forwards were playing in the back line… Whatever, what I saw today by the B side was definitely an improvement on last week. Not that last week wasn’t good – it’s just that finally I see an improvement in the play of some of the players. I don’t get to watch the boys as much as I used to, due to schedules and my not working at My Living Room, and to see them two weeks in a row and see improvements overall? Makes me so happy and proud of them.

So, thanks for sticking with me through my happy rugby day. I started this post around 10:30pm on Saturday, the 26th. It’s now after one am, so technically, it’s the 27th. The real reason for this post actually occurred on the 26th, but what do we care, right? Right.

September 26th was not only my parents 35th anniversary – congrats to The Nana and The Grand Pa. I really wish I didn’t exclude family from this blog, cause you’d all think my parents were the cutest folk ever. I swear. I can provide names of those who have met them – rugby & Yinz Team – for proof, if you really need it!

Instead of my family, I exploit certain friends in and out of rugby. Yay for me!! Sorry for you!

The 26th was also my very good friend, The Angry Scottish Man‘s birthday! Hooray!!

NO clue what he’s doing here. This is a pic of an actual photo, taken at Dilbert’s request.

The Angry Scottish Man and his wonderful wife are leaving the ‘Burgh very soon. I am very sad at this, but I hope that they both continue their blogs as I love to read them – and especially because literally right after I meet the Angry Scottish Wife, they announce they are leaving town. Seriously? That is NOT fair. (ASW – I’m sending you an email as I want one of your amazing paintings before you go!!!!)

I hope that my friend had a wonderful birthday. I hope that things in AZ are working out a bit better than at first and that he’s enjoying the new job. I hope that he & the ASW have an easy time finding a place to live and an easy move. And I wish them both well. And I plan to tell them all of this – at their going away party… whenever that is… sometime soon, I suppose… I hope that they both continue to blog, because well, I enjoy seeing the things that ASW paints (go look at her site NOW.) And really, if ASM quit, well, we’d all be missing his hysterical take on everything he encounters… besides, who else will I share my Scottish randomness with? Right? Also, who else can provide me with delicious Scottish chocolate? (Some of which I still have, btw.)

Happy Birthday, sir. I will miss you and your wife when you leave us. If I ever make it out west, I will be calling on you for a floor space to occupy! 🙂

Six and stuff…

6 09 2009

This post contains eleventy thousand links & pics to distract someone but the first point is this number here:

littlec6Six days until I will breath in and out, and all will be right in the world. In. Out. All is right….

My Little C. And her christening. So happy to see her & my family!!!

I can’t wait. And I will be a much happier and calm person after that one, single breath.

In the meantime, I’ve been keeping myself busy:

  • Special projects for Lili.
  • Fixing the dress I plan to wear next weekend, the one from the wedding.
  • La la la … keep paying attention….
  • Today was a Saturday, A RUGBY DAY… I wasn’t playing, and the boys were in Cleveland, so I went to see my Pitt kids play and run touch.
  • I also made a point to go to see PghRugbyRef’s boys, D and Q. They are super. Absolutely, good little guys. I love them!
  • Later, I attended a fun party hosted by the spectacular duo from @StromHuelsman. At said party, I finally got to have a real conversation (several, actually) with @CarmanAvenue – every time we’ve been in the same place it’s too busy, too crowded with friends or too loud for us to have talked before. I’m glad I had the chance finally!
  • I also had a chance to finally meet @geekstar (who I don’t think realizes yet that we went to the same high school. What? I wasn’t about to break that out during our other wine and beer convos about the South Side. Duh.)
Anyway, after viewing many rounds of BeerPong and FlipCup, neither of which I will participate in, I chose to return home…

And then, some photos of me surfaced from the Pizza Off surfaced tonight…Why I choose to post these? I have no clear idea, except they aren’t too bad. Thanks, @robjdlc! You find me in the strangest or closest situations ever. And I’m okay with it!

So, back to the story… I returned home to finally almost finish this:
So it still needs finished up, but still….. how freaking amazing is it? I don’t care how not perfect it is… if it was perfect? A machine would have made it. Instead, I made it. I’m pretty sure UncleCrappy, MrsCrappy and every one of their tailgate friends at OSU games won’t care. Ergo, nor do I.
It will be done ASAP, UncleCrappy. I promise.  Before I go to see Little C.