#2 Seed.

26 10 2009

WOW. We won on Sunday… Not that I didn’t think we could do it… The Angels are honestly amazing… But this means we are the #2 seed at Nationals. WOW.

I ran touch for the 3rd place match. Scioto Valley won easily over the intoxicated County Will 92-0. Flash, ME and I were expecting a sh*$-show bad game, given what we saw when we arrived at the field… But instead, we dealt with a super-long, boring, no-drama match… Yes. Ninety-two to ZERO. Yeah…

The Angels match started before we were done with ours. So the hot second that first match was done? I handed over my touch flag to ME, and RAN like a crazy lady to my team. I didn’t know if I was playing. But I HAD to be there. And I’m glad I was.

We beat Minnesota 27.-5.

Around halftime, I realized I wasn’t going to play… So in the 2nd half, I went to the other side of the pitch to deal with the details of running the tourney, cleaning up etc.

Thanks to UncleCrappy, MrsCrappy, ClumberKim and FatherSpoon for coming to watch us. I finally got to meet ClumberKim’s daughter, E. And ohmygosh. She is amazingly adorable.

The tournament went really well, we received many compliments & I personally think that everything went very well.

I’m grateful for the volunteers that we had, for the refs & other touch judges, for the members of Pitt City who came out to support us on Sunday, and for themembers of the Pittsburgh Harlequins who helped to set up everything, ran the scoreboard and helped us make the tournament a success. A big thanks to everyone!

Laws… and other stuff.

17 10 2009


The “rules” of rugby are called “Laws.” You can find them here. Have fun with that link, boys & girls.

They are ridiculous and sometimes seriously difficult to understand. No kidding. And I play the game…

And we have what are called ELV’s. Experimental Law Variations. This is a new thing, as of last year. They were previously tried out at a higher level, then introduced to the rest of us & were experimental. This was last season… Our coach was super and sent out every single update and instructional thing he found. I think we were the only team who knew them. Seriously.

But even though experimental, they became the laws, so there you go. So we play a season with these ELV’s, and sometimes it was rough. It seemed some teams had NO IDEA they existed! But some teams knew some of them, but not all… And then, the IRB decided some of them weren’t working and took them away.

Geebus – this is still causing issues…. I’d love to go into an in depth explanation of all of this, but only about 6 of you who read this blog on a regular basis would get it. And besides, I’m pretty dang sure those folks know what I’m talking about already.

Why is this important? Any of it? Because next weekend my team is hosting the Championships for the Midwest Division II Women. And I’m scheduled to be a touch judge for at least 2 games of the 4.

And I take that responsibility seriously. I don’t want to be the reason that some team loses. Hell, no.

Because I do that touch judge thing so much, I was thankful years ago to be given the Touch Judge Level I course booklet. Wow, does that help.

USA Rugby used to offer a touch judge certification course separate from referee certification. I hate them for taking that touch cert away. HATE.

But even with the little course booklet, it’s still hard. Especially when players don’t know the laws at all. They bitch & complain about my calls. But I’m almost always right. 🙂

And the laws change.

Because I am the person that I am, I read my little booklet before every season. And compare it to the current laws. No clue why I really like running touch – I have NO idea. But I dig it.

But there are still things I just can’t remember. Mostly to do with touch-in-goal. I don’t know why I can’t just understand & remember that stuff, but I keep trying. Most refs in the area know me, and know what I’m able to do. And I appreciate it.

Overall, I’d give myself a B- on touch judging. I’m not perfect, but dang if I don’t call my own teammates/club mates for doing stuff… And I really try to keep getting better at it.

And I plan to get an A+ next weekend. So you should come on out and watch and/or volunteer to help us. We need people, especially since the Angels are probably competing in the championships…

If you’d like to help me with this, please comment, DM me or send an email. I’d love you forever. Seriously.


In other news, going to the drive in again tomorrow. Zombieland & Jennifer’s Body. Meh. Wanted to see Where The Wild Things Are, but the other movie is something I’ve never heard of, and neither of us was interested in finding out about it. So we’ll see Wild Things soon in the movie theatre. I’m interested to see both Zombieland AND Jennifer’s Body. In the least, I imagine Jennifer’s Body will not be as bad as Sorority Row which we had to sit through last time!!! No Rumor Willis? Sweet.


Go here, do me a favor and go here and vote for TheBurghBaby. Yeah, yeah. I know, the baby site. Whatevs. Just vote for her. I know her, she rocks, as does her kid, and she’s been an super supporter of me AND my rugby crap. So DO IT. DO IT. DO IT. If you don’t, and I find out, and you’re a rugger? I might make your life miserable at Brewfest. 🙂


Have I mentioned how freaking wonderful and amazingly beautiful My Little C is lately? I received some pics the other day that STILL have me in fits of laughter when I see them. She’s amazing. And if she lived within driving distance, with me being unemployed, I’d totally be there watching her every move. But she lives down South. Which also makes buying her the most adorable winter coat on the planet un-possible. But wow would she rock that coat. Rock. Indeed. Gosh, that little girl kills me when I see pics of her. Every.Single.Time.  She”s totally the love of my life. Thank God.

Is this week over yet?

25 03 2009

I posted this and then I had to edit it. Not much of it, but really, I realized it’s been a while since I posted any music…. and I didn’t really have much of an idea of what to post. Many links I saved are now not available (dumb). But this one… if I ever hear this on the radio or my IPod, I might cry. When it was released, I immediately thought of My Living Room…

I know many of you hate this music, but for now, please just allow me this…

If you had asked me last week to tell you what the worst thing that could happen this week would be, I would have probably said it would be a repeat of last year. Hardly anyone showed up to help finish up the fields on Friday – I was there, alone, at 10am, for like 2 hours. Freezing on the windy, cold, barren camping ground… Then we find that half of our goalposts are trashed… A bunch of people were at the site till after dark, the rest of us running around the Burgh buying things to make things right at 7am the next day… Yeah, that was fun. However, the tourney ran the best it ever has and we were out of there by 7 or 8pm.

Never, did I think that my job at My Living Room would be gone right now, that I’d be dealing with THAT on top of my tournament… That I’d still (update: 11:53pm) be waiting on a call from Viking to talk to me about the situation. NEVER EVER did I think that on top of my tourney, I’d be trying to figure out how I can turn my apparent pretty good sewing skills into some way to make enough money each week/month to make it paycheck to paycheck. NEVER. NEVER EVER.

I worked there for nearly 7 entire years (no, not 8. I realized it the other day. My first year in my club and at the bar were in 2002,) which apparently right now means NOTHING. Did I think I earned my shift? HELL YES. I started there working Sunday nights. ALONE. And they sucked. Sorry that I can’t work weekdays, but I’ve always given up 50-100% of my weekends to work at or maintain that damn place… I can’t even keep writing about it because I’m so mad, hurt, upset and violent that it just will not end well for me or a few others I may encounter… But really, that was the LAST thing I ever expected…

But it figures… This year, I have a ton of people signed up to help Thursday and Friday. Good people I think I can depend on. And the dependable people who CAN’T make it Thursday or Friday? They proved that I can count on them and have each individually emailed me to say they’ll do whatever I need on Saturday. Because I know them and depend on them, I already knew this. 🙂

BG has already figured out our goalpost issue. And little pregnant miss KRL has agreed to print the items I need printed on Friday… (I’m hoping this means she won’t try to chase me around w/ her pregnant belly… please? You actually can’t cause then you won’t get the fantabulous things I’m making for Baby Love!)

But what is killing me right now is that every year, no matter what time we get out of the site, most, if not all of us head to My Living Room. Last year I ran a raffle at the site for those who helped clean up and then again at My Living Room. What am I going to do this year??? I can’t even imagine walking into that place right now without feeling so uncomfortable and unwelcome… I don’t WANT to go there… Just thinking about it makes me want to cry my face off or physically harm someone. But I loved hanging out with everyone last year… loved it. It was a good time. One of the few times I actually enjoy being on the patron side of the bar….

Right now, I am planning to hand off the second raffle thing to someone else and just come home. Yay.

I can haz free move to Florida nowz? Plz?

Sunday’s A Rugby Day?

1 03 2009

A couple of months ago, I received an email from my teammate, KRL, that was sent to a group of other teammates, past & present, asking that we be selectors for the ARU Under-23 Select Side team that she is coaching. I was very honored to have been one of the women asked. I have never consider myself a great rugby player. I have never claimed that I know all the rules. Or the drills. Or that have any rugby skills at all. I’m such an ADD adult, even in rugby. But I was honored that KRL thought of me and respected my input, so I emailed her back almost immediately and agreed to help her.

Select Sides are kind of like an All Star team. It’s starts at the local area – for us, the Allegheny Rugby Union. Then those Select Side teams get together and have a tournament. The National Team coaching staff is there, looking for talent. Once you are out of the U-23 age bracket, there is a senior select side as well. If you are a very, very good rugby player, or even someone with potential and a desire to play the game on a higher level, this is where you have to – and hopefully want to – be.

When I started playing, I don’t even think there was a Select Side program. Being a part of this rugby club has taught me not only what I missed in my first few years, but also how much rugby is growing in the US. And once you catch the “rugby bug,” it’s almost second nature that you want to do things to advance the sport – coach a youth or high school team, encourage collegiate side players to continue playing after they graduate, and evaluate players for their chance on a Select Side squad. That “rugby bug” is why I was so involved in my club all these years. I may not be one of the most talented players on my team, but for what I lack in talent, I make up for in administrative and organizational skills.

I couldn’t make last weekend’s tryout because I worked the night before. But I promised to be there today. So I went and met KRL, KellsBells and Cindy-Lou, and the four of us headed to Morgantown at 9am. We started off with a stop at Sheetz for food. Yummy. We then went to what looked like an old-school gymnasium where KRL got things going.

KB, CL and I were given a clipboard with a blank sheet of paper. We were to watch and write down anything positive or negative that we saw the girls doing. Let me tell you, this is seriously difficult. To just stand there and watch and judge… Not talk, not try to help and correct what they were doing… (It was so hard to see these girls try things and often fall on that hard ground… But man, they kept with it!) Not to participate ourselves! (Although KRL did ask KB and I to demonstrate something for them, since she is pregnant… although then she went and showed one group of girls what to do ten minutes later!)

Eventually we were done in the crazy gym and moved to another location. A glorious, beautiful INDOOR location. With turf. Not the turf I used to practice on at Dean Field in Bloomfield (aka pseudo-grass on cement)… but real, cushioned, thick turf.

I’m pretty sure I started drooling. I may or may not have laid down on said turf and rolled around. Or taken a nap. Or just sat there and been super comfortable. Or all of the above.


It was a good day. Lots of talent. And we stopped at Sheetz on the way home. More yummy. And I found the Red Bull Cola that @Chachisays keeps talking about. I’ll try it tomorrow and let you know… I’m scared.


23 10 2008

I was asked by DjLunchbox yesterday if I’d be posting about this, and I told him that someone with “The Organization” was bound to annoy me, as they always do, so most likely… but we’re taking a little different path this time. Be patient with this post and read it, and I’ll give the disclaimers at the end.

Due to the waiver crap I signed, I can’t say much about the the EMHE home build site where members of “The Organization” were volunteers this evening, from 6pm till whenever we left or midnight. And I didn’t really expect to have much to say. But I do.

We arrive at the build site to find, well, chaos. It was a working exercise in severe disorganization and miscommunication. You stand around. Waiting to be needed. Fortunately, a few of us we were needed immediately. We removed un-needed trim through a window of the house to front yard of some neighbor’s house. But it took three minutes to figure out where we were supposed to take it.

Then we stood around. And waited. And maybe 10 minutes later the volunteers were needed again. A small group of us were to follow some guy down the road. And this would mark the point in the night where I started to get pissed off. It was maybe 6:30pm.

Before I rant, I should point out that rugby girls are not your average girl. We’re not crazy weightlifters, but rugby is an endurance and strength sport. We can lift things. We’re totally fine with it… The rugby girls were well prepared to handle our share of the work.

Anyway, they needed us to help move something they were building & painting. There were 6 or 7 of us. At least three rugby girls. And the guy in charge kept saying that the he needed guys to lift this thing. It was something that 4 of us could have handled. Oy.

We walk back up towards the “waiting area.” We join in on the unloading of a U-Haul. The next things up are big rolls of carpet. The guy on the truck warns me, “These are pretty heavy.” I look behind me and see two teammates, my coach and one of the men’s players. I turn back around and say, “We can handle it.” So we take the carpet, walk beside the house, around the back and make a crazy, awkward turn into the basement. Did we do it without a problem? Absolutely. Did two of us walk backwards half of the way? Absolutely.

Next came the wood flooring. My first trip, I somehow ended up with two boxes. No idea the weight, but they handed the boxes to me in such a way that I nearly couldn’t handle it. But I managed into the house, up the stairs and into a room. As did my teammates. The next set went to the first floor. Piece of cake. But each time any girl went back for a box, we were warned, “These are pretty heavy.” In no way did they compare to the Silver Bullet.

When that task was over, the volunteer coordinator asked for two volunteers, myself and my teammate now referred to as Jumping Bean stepped up. What a bad choice that was. We ended up in “The Field”. We were settled into a tent. A tent with a few folding chairs, some scary heating lamps, and more hard hats than you’d ever see in your life. We were checking the “real workers” in. We checked in FIVE PEOPLE. In two hours. We drank coffee, lit things on fire in front of the heaters… tons o’ fun.

We returned to the site, around 9:45 or so, and though we mentioned to a few people that we were leaving, no one had known where we were. Apparently I wasn’t the only one noticing the disorganization, because someone said to me, “We thought you were inside running the show and telling people where to go and what to do!” Yeah, not so much. I may have mad chaos-organizational skills, but nope. I was in a tent. Yippie! We were told that in our absence, the rest of our group had loaded a dump truck with wooden trusses and the left over trim. And then UN-LOADED it. Because guy #32 in charge apparently hadn’t talked to guy #17 in charge. Are you kidding me?

But guess what we were asked to do next? You got it. Load the trusses and trim etc. BACK into the same truck. Ok, no big deal. At this point, a few of the workers realized that I was stronger than they first thought. My ability to lift one end of a 10 foot wooden truss and push it to the back of the truck is apparently impressive. Yeah, whatever. Seriously. Try the Silver Bullet.

It was about that time that a few of us had decided we were done. We’d had it. One of my good friends turns and looks at me and says, “If you and I were organizing this thing, it’s be a damn machine.” And she’s right. There were so many people there. And so many people in charge. And no one knew what the other people were doing. I don’t know how they get this stuff done in 1 week.

So, your disclaimer…. I understand that this situation is chaos. It’s cool. But I guarantee there is a better way to spread the news and have everyone on the same page. Guarantee. My real issue is this: just because we’re girls, please don’t continue to assume that we can’t do something. If I can’t do something, believe me, I’ll speak up!  

Ugh. And for the love of god, please do not make me wear a hard hat ever again.